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Name: Saito
Occupation: Businessman
Relationships: married, has a mistress in South America
Fandom: Inception
Other: played by Ken Watanabe
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Saito (Ken Watanabe) is a character from Inception movie. Saito is a Japanese CEO of a energy company who hires Dom Cobb and his team to incept his business rival Robert Fischer to break up his company in exchange for reuniting Cobb with his family. We first see him as Cobb and Arthur are trying to get hired to militarised his subconscious - it turns out they are actually trying to extract his business secrets from him in a two layer dream. Saito realised this in the lower level when Cobb's vengeful projection of his dead wife Mal tell him, and in the top layer when the carpet his mistress's apartment is polyester not wool.

He enters Fischer's mind with the team as a tourist - although employers don't usually do this, Saito is an experienced dreamer seen racing motorcycles in a Japanese dream den in The Cobol Job prequel comic.


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In fandom Saito is most often paired with Cobb, Fischer or Arthur, although such fanworks are uncommon. He sometimes hires the team to do more jobs, or functions as a benevolent sponsor, buying them things they need -- such as a hospital when Ariadne is hurt [needs ref]; this is inspired by his apparently endlessly deep pockets in the film, buying a whole airline for the Fischer job.

Character Meta and Discussion

Fanon and Popular Tropes and Themes

  • Due to Emma Thomas' statement on Saito as ‘The Tourist' from the Production Notes, fans often portray him as having no expertise, but uses his financial influence to join the group.
  • Lonely Saito, especially due to his socioeconomic status and implied backstory (having an estranged wife and a mistress)




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