Tabletop Simulator

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NameTabletop Simulator
Developer(s)Berserk Games
Publisher(s)Berserk Games
Reveal dateFebruary 2014
Release dateJune 2015
Platform(s)Windows, Linux, OS X
External link(s)Official Site
Tabletop Simulator Logo
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Tabletop Simulator is a video game which hosts a variety of tabletop games for single player or multiplayer play. It comes with existing games such as chess, dominoes, and mahjong, as well as offering DLCs for popular board games like Wingspan and Scythe. Its main appeal comes from its sandbox nature, as users can create their own games and automate play with scripting. As a result, many popular board games have been fully replicated for play on Tabletop Simulator.



As a result of lockdowns, Tabletop Simulator gained a boost in activity as one of the major alternatives for board game fans to continue playing remotely.