Enchanted (convention)

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Name: Enchanted
Dates: 2018-present
Frequency: Annually
Location: UK
Type: Pro
Focus: Once Upon A Time
Organization: Starfury Conventions
Founder: Sean Harry
Founding Date:
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Enchanted is a series of British conventions by Starfury for the TV series Once Upon A Time.


The cons have very few, if any, fan stalls, and are mostly focused around panels, fan meets, autographs and photo ops with actors. There are also parties and a cosplay contest.

The con is extremely strict at not allowing filming of panels, and so very little video of the con exists.

It wouldn't be a Starfury Enchanted convention without inaccuracies - usually this meant spelling errors, though other examples such as missing entire actors from the booklet have also occurred.

  • Adam, Jardor and Jarad - All incorrect names or spellings for Jared Gilmore.
  • Colin O'Donoghugh - Incorrect spelling of O'Donoghue
  • Tara Skovbye - Incorrect first name for Tiera
  • Rose Rollins - Incorrect surname for Rose Reynolds
  • Alice/Betty - Betty refers to Rose's character in Poldark, not Alice's cursed self who goes by Tilly. This inaccuracy was first pointed out by fans at Enchanted 2, yet made a second appearance at Enchanted 3.
  • Michael Raymond-James completely missing from the con booklet




Though general reception of the con seems to have been positive, Sean Harry has gone on to state in the time since this first con, that the event was 'a truly horrible experience for me and my staff'.[1] According to Sean, this was partially down to the behaviour of Lana fans.

Fans of Lana have taken issue with the subsequent generalisations of them as more obsessed and immature than fans of some of the other popular OUAT actors.

Memorable Moments

Enchanted 2

Enchanted 2 was held 14th-16th June 2019 in Birmingham, UK.


The main draw for the convention was arguably the inclusion of Gosh, the portmanteau for the real life couple Ginnifer Goodwin/Josh Dallas (who portrayed the show's ship Snowing), as the con would be the pair's first ever con appearance.

The actors who portrayed KnightRook, the father-daughter relationship of Wish!Killian Jones and Alice Jones, were also present, these being Colin O'Donoghue and Rose Reynolds respectively.

Other guests:


The con was generally well received.

Memorable Moments

One of the more memorable moments from the con involved the panel involving Rose, Colin and Andrew:

This is the transaction [sic] between Rose and Colin (and Andrew) when asked how Alice would tell Rogers she and Robin were expecting a baby. They acted it out for us, though there was a bit of confusion over what exactly they were acting out. (Note, not word to word since some things was hard to hear and such lol.)

Rose: Did Robin have a conversation with you? The other day?

Colin: No.

Rose: N- No she didn’t? Um. Oh. She said she was gonna talk to you.

Colin: What time? When?

Rose: Oh, okay yeah. Um. Oh no, yeah. So I was just wondering, ummmmm. Hiiiii. Um. So, I-I’m, I’m gonna marry Robin.

Colin: Yeah?

Rose: Yeah.

Colin: Oh no, she spoke to me about that.

Rose: Well I just asked you that and you said she didn’t. And you’re now saying she did.

Colin: Yeah well,

Rose: Okay! Sorry, sorry!

Andrew: Sorry, I didn’t know that-

Rose: You didn’t tell me Henry was gonna be here.

Colin: He just called round for a coffee.

Andrew: Yeah I’ve just been standing behind you since the entire time.

Rose: Okay. How long were you in the toilet for?!

Andrew: I heard everything. Carry on!

Rose: Did you use soap?

Colin: So now you know, now you know how Henry finds out!

Rose: That’s how Henry found out.

Colin: *Quietly* It was about the baby. It wasn’t about the wedding.

Rose: Wait about the baby?

Colin: It was about you getting pregnant.

Rose: About... Me getting... Having a baby?

Colin: Yeah about you having a baby.

Rose: Oh so it’s not been about- Oh. I thought. Hi- Sorry... *Starting over!* Hi, dad! I’m pregnant.

Andrew: WOW!

Rose: Oh. How long have you been standing there?

Andrew: Not very long![2]

The seventh chapter of Happy Accidents was inspired by the exchange, and is named after a phrase used by Rose: Hi Dad, I'm Pregnant.

Fan Meetups

The convention had an informal meetup with some members of the O'Donocrew.

Enchanted 3

Starfury initially stated that the third event will be the last Enchanted. However, about a month after Enchanted 3 ended, the organiser announced a fourth event.

COVID-19 Impact

The third Enchanted event was delayed twice due to the coronavirus pandemic, eventually taking place 15th-17th October 2021. At the event, there was a 'no-contact' rule for photo ops.


Jennifer Morrison was initially planned as the headliner alongside Colin O'Donoghue, however she cancelled. Prior to this, certain Captain Swan shippers began to call it the 'CS Con'.

Another big draw to the con was the inclusion of Curious Archer at a UK con, with Tiera Skovbye appearing and Rose Reynolds coming back for the second time.

Other guests included:

Isabella Blake-Thomas was scheduled to come, but was unable to only a few days before the event started, meaning no replacement could be found at such short notice.


Memorable Moments

  • During the Friday Meet & Greets, Sean Maguire was pushed on some comments he made on Twitter by at least one group of fans. Various accounts of the event appear to have been documented, with suggestions there were both genuine, good-faith discussions, as well as more heated arguments about it. A tweet by him the following day addresses at least one interaction:

I met a bunch of girls last night at the convention who expressed how upset they were with me a year ago when I had my (Twitter stupid night) just want to say again especially to the trans community and the LBGTQ community how sorry I am that I let you down.I an truly Sorry.[3]

  • Sean Maguire broke part of the stage during the Opening Ceromony
  • During the cosplay contest, three fans threw bed sheets over their heads to become The Curses.
  • A sequel to Enchanted 2's improv scene is described as follows:

Improv Scene: The Sequel

Now you may remember some references, a few years ago now, to a panel at Enchanted 2 in which Rose, Colin and Andy improvised a scene where Alice tells Killian he’s to be a grandad. Well, I’m happy to inform you we got another improv scene (woo!) at Enchanted 3, this time with Rose and Tiera.

Keep in mind you can’t film at this convention (and they are very strict about this), so I’m going off of the memory of both myself and others who were at the panel (thank you to @stark-park for the help). But the following is what I’ve managed to gather so far:

  • So for a bit of context first, their NJ panel moment (bibbidi bobbidi boo, and all that jazz) was brought up during their fan meet, and the two of them end up having another discussion about who the *ahem*… other part could come from. There’s issues about how everyone is related to each other on the show. One of them suggests Jefferson, until someone points out Tiera’s sister played Grace and she’s all like ‘oh yeah, that’s weird on a whole other level.’
  • On to the panel, and they mention this conundrum again before they start.
  • So Rose goes (something along the lines of) "oh I'm really full... I'm just going to undo my button" whilst genuinely unbuttoning her trousers. She later redid them up, joking her trousers might fall down if she doesn't. I think she turned to Tiera at some point and was like ‘you answer this question whilst I button my trousers back up again.’
  • She also said something along the lines of 'I think I've got a food baby.'
  • Tiera's just not in character and is like 'is that genuinely how you would tell me?' and Rose was like 'is that how you would respond? You're supposed to be in character' XD
  • Then Rose mentioned that Alice would tell her casually as not everything in a relationship has to be massive and grand. So she'd just casually mention it whilst doing something normal, like over coffee.
  • So then they pretend they're both drinking coffee. Tiera has a bottle of water, so that's the cup of coffee. Rose has nothing but pretends she has an invisible one in her hand, which she audibly and loudly pretends to slurp from.
  • Rose then says something like 'Hey babe, I'm pregnant' in a very casual manner (she might have said it a couple of times, cause Tiera's still baffled this is how Robin is told... or something. Again memory issues here) and Tiera finally as Robin is all like 'woah' (I cannot for the life of me remember what she said).
  • Then they both stood up and bowed.[4]

Enchanted 4

The announcement of a fourth convention came as much of a surprise to many OUAT fans, as Sean Harry had appeared fairly adamant they would not do another, partially due to financial concerns hosting another OUAT convention.

This U-Turn was received mostly well, given it would provide attendees yet more chance to meet actors from the show. However, there was also criticism at Harry at a perceived level of dishonesty towards the con-going community.

Enchanted 5

In January 2024, Harry announced a fifth Enchanted convention.