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Name: Enchanted
Dates: 2018-
Frequency: Annually
Location: UK
Type: Pro
Focus: Once Upon A Time
Organization: Starfury Conventions
Founder: Sean Harry
Founding Date:
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Enchanted is a series of British conventions by Starfury for the TV series Once Upon A Time.

General Structure

The cons have very few, if any, fan stalls, and are mostly focused around panels, fan meets, autographs and photo ops with actors. There are also parties and a cosplay contest.

The con is extremely strict at not allowing filming of panels, and so very little video of the con exists.




Memorable Moments

Enchanted 2

Enchanted 2 was held 14th-16th June 2019 in Birmingham, UK.


The main draw for the convention was arguably the inclusion of Gosh, the portmanteau for the real life couple Ginnifer Goodwin/Josh Dallas (who portrayed the show's ship Snowing), as the con would be the pair's first ever con appearance.

The actors who portrayed KnightRook, the father-daughter relationship of Wish!Killian Jones and Alice Jones, were also present, these being Colin O'Donoghue and Rose Reynolds respectively.

Other guests:


The con was generally well received.

Memorable Moments

One of the more memorable moments from the con involved the panel involving Rose, Colin and Andrew:

This is the transaction [sic] between Rose and Colin (and Andrew) when asked how Alice would tell Rogers she and Robin were expecting a baby. They acted it out for us, though there was a bit of confusion over what exactly they were acting out. (Note, not word to word since some things was hard to hear and such lol.)

Rose: Did Robin have a conversation with you? The other day?

Colin: No.

Rose: N- No she didn’t? Um. Oh. She said she was gonna talk to you.

Colin: What time? When?

Rose: Oh, okay yeah. Um. Oh no, yeah. So I was just wondering, ummmmm. Hiiiii. Um. So, I-I’m, I’m gonna marry Robin.

Colin: Yeah?

Rose: Yeah.

Colin: Oh no, she spoke to me about that.

Rose: Well I just asked you that and you said she didn’t. And you’re now saying she did.

Colin: Yeah well,

Rose: Okay! Sorry, sorry!

Andrew: Sorry, I didn’t know that-

Rose: You didn’t tell me Henry was gonna be here.

Colin: He just called round for a coffee.

Andrew: Yeah I’ve just been standing behind you since the entire time.

Rose: Okay. How long were you in the toilet for?!

Andrew: I heard everything. Carry on!

Rose: Did you use soap?

Colin: So now you know, now you know how Henry finds out!

Rose: That’s how Henry found out.

Colin: *Quietly* It was about the baby. It wasn’t about the wedding.

Rose: Wait about the baby?

Colin: It was about you getting pregnant.

Rose: About... Me getting... Having a baby?

Colin: Yeah about you having a baby.

Rose: Oh so it’s not been about- Oh. I thought. Hi- Sorry... *Starting over!* Hi, dad! I’m pregnant.

Andrew: WOW!

Rose: Oh. How long have you been standing there?

Andrew: Not very long![1]

The seventh chapter of Happy Accidents was inspired by the exchange, and is named after a phrase used by Rose: Hi Dad, I'm Pregnant.

Fan Meetups

The convention had an informal meetup with some members of the O'Donocrew.

Enchanted 3

COVID-19 Impact


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