Bob's Burgers

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Name: Bob's Burgers
Creator: Loren Bouchard
Date(s): 2011 - present
Medium: animated series
Country of Origin: USA
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Bob's Burgers is an American animated television series. The series centers on a small, struggling hamburger restaurant run by the Belcher family: parents Bob and Linda, and their children Tina, Gene, and Louise. It premiered in 2011 and has run for 7 seasons so far. The series has proved to be very popular in original run, syndication, and on Netflix.


Main Characters

Reoccurring Characters


Original Pitch

Originally the show was pitched as a family of cannibals, but Fox deemed the idea too dark for an animated sitcom.[1]


The voice cast has notably crossed-over into the canon of Archer, in which it is revealed that Sterling Archer assumes the identity of Bob while in a fugue state. This is due to the fact that H. Jon Benjamin voices both lead characters of their respective shows.

The animated cast has also crossed-over with other shows on Fox's Animation Domination block of animated shows, guest starring on both The Simpsons and Family Guy.


In 2016, Bob's Burgers was the 14th most reblogged animated TV show on Tumblr, down 9 places from the previous year.[2]

A running gag on the show is the "Burger of the Day" chalkboard behind the counter. The burger titles are always puns on the burgers' special ingredients. The gag inspired at least one cook to create their own versions of the burgers,[3] and eventually led to an officially licensed cookbook.


The most popular ship is Louise Belcher/Logan Bush, on both AO3 and[4][5], despite that Louise is 9-years old and Logan is 14-years old.

Tina Belcher/Jimmy Pesto is also quite beloved by fans; canonically, they have an on/off relationship.

Other popular ships include LouWheeze, which pairs Louise with Regular-Sized Rudy. Ever since the events of ‘Bob Actually’, the ship has soared in popularity, and been considered at least semi-canon by most fans.

Tina Belcher/Josh isn’t as popular as Tina/Jimmy Jr., but still popular enough in its own right.

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