Bob Belcher

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Name: Robert "Bob" Belcher Jr.
Occupation: owner/cook of Bob's burgers
Relationships: Linda Belcher (wife), Tina Belcher (eldest daughter), Gene Belcher (son), Louise Belcher (youngest daughter), Big Bob (father)
Fandom: Bob's Burgers
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Bob Belcher is the main character of Bob's Burgers.


Bob started the restaurant Bob's Burgers to create his own unique burgers. He lives in an apartment above his restaurant with his wife Linda and their three children.

Usually the voice of reason within the Belcher household, Bob's attempts to keep his family under control often go awry. The restaurant is perpetually struggling, always facing one setback after another, but Bob never compromises on food quality, and he and Linda still manage to (barely) keep a roof over their heads in what is presumably upstate New Jersey (which is no easy feat).


When Bob is featured in fanworks, it's usually in the context of the Belcher family as a whole. Bob's pragmatism and relatively long fuse compared to other cartoon fathers has led to many a post, article, and video essay being written about his relatively good style of parenting.

When Bob is being discussed as an individual, separate from his role as a family man, it's often in the context of his apparent bisexuality. In the episode 'Turkey in a Can', he describes himself as "mostly straight", which is often taken as confirmation of him being canonically bisexual. There exists a good deal of pride-themed art and fic that explores Bob's bisexuality, including many coming-out stories.


Bob is most often shipped with his wife, Linda. However, his hinted bisexuality has led to a few m/m pairings, including Bob/Teddy, and Bob/Duval. Bob/Gayle is another minor ship that drew attention during the events of the episode "Dr. Yap", where Linda convinces Bob to let Gayle "cheat" with him so she can find a new romantic interest. The episode "Gayle Makin' Bob Sled" also has her faking an injury so he'll pay attention to her.

Bob/Jimmy Pesto has been hinted at a few times in canon due to the pair's obsessive hatred for one another; some characters and fans see it as Foe Yay.

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