Louise Belcher

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Name: Louise Belcher
Occupation: student, part time waitress
Relationships: Bob Belcher (dad), Linda Belcher (mom), Tina Belcher (sister), Gene Belcher (brother)
Fandom: Bob's Burgers
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Louise Belcher is the youngest and most terrifying Belcher child on Bob's Burgers. She is known for her pink bunny ear hat, which she never takes off, and her dark sense of humor.


As the most chaotic of the Belcher siblings, Louise features commonly in fic, often as a plot driven character due to her surprisingly well developed moral compass. She is tagged in more works on AO3 than any other character from the show, and she features in two of the fandom's most popular ships.


Louise is most often shipped with either Logan Bush or Regular-sized Rudy, the former of which exists mostly as rivals to lovers or hateshipping, while the latter is considered semi canonical due to the events of the episode Bob Actually.

Common Tropes and Themes

Louise is often aged up in fic involving shipping due to being 9 canonically.

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