Gene Belcher

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Name: Eugene Belcher
Occupation: student, musician
Relationships: Bob Belcher (father), Linda Belcher (mother), Tina Belcher (older sister), Louise Belcher (younger sister)
Fandom: Bob's Burgers
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Gene Belcher is the middle child and the only son of Bob and Linda.


Gene is the most easy-going and enthusiastic of the Belcher children, and has a great affection for his family. He dreams of being a famous musician, even though he mostly uses his keyboard to make fart noises.

Some consider him possibly being gender-fluid, since now and then he thinks of himself as "one of the girls" and is enthusiastic about girly activities, showing his flagrant lack of care for the gender binary and stereotypes.


Gene’s enthusiasm and unusual hobbies have led fans to speculate that he could be bisexual. This leads to him being shipped with both boys and girls, however the only common shipping is with Courtney Wheeler, his on/off girlfriend.

Common Tropes and Themes

Gene’s typical role in fic is that of the comedy relief. His voracious appetites, fondness for bad jokes and prankster nature lend to this.

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