Courtney Wheeler

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Name: Courtney Wheeler
Occupation: Student
Relationships: Doug Belcher (father), unnamed mother, Tina Belcher (friend), Gene Belcher (friend/love interest), Louise Belcher (acquaintance), Regular-sized Rudy (friend)
Fandom: Bob's Burgers
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Courtney Wheeler is a secondary character in Bob's Burgers.


Frail but annoying nonetheless, Courtney is known for abusing her weak state as an excuse for sympathy. This often allows her to evade responsibility, irritate people endlessly, and emotionally manipulate. People often struggle to call her out on her behaviour because of her illness, and this only reinforces it. Regardless though, she has a good heart, defective or otherwise.


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Courtney is only really shipped with Gene due to their sporadic relationship. She has had crushes on other boys, but nothing serious.

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