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Name: Tina Ruth Belcher
Occupation: student, part time grill cook, formerly blueberry delivery girl
Relationships: Bob Belcher (father), Linda Belcher (mother), Louise Belcher (sister), Gene Belcher (brother), Jimmy Jr. (love interest), Big Bob (paternal grandfather), Al (maternal grandfather), Gloria (maternal grandmother), Gayle (maternal aunt)
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Tina Belcher is the oldest Belcher child on Bob's Burgers. She loves horses, boys, butts, and zombies. She often writes fanfiction about her friends and school teachers, which she calls "erotic friend fiction".


Tina might be the oldest of the Belcher children but she is also the shyest. As the series progresses though, she becomes more and more assertive.


Jimmy Jr.

Jimmy Jr. is the son of the rival restaurant owner across the street from Bob's Burgers. Tina has had an off an on crush on him throughout the length of the show. He recognizes that and sometimes takes advantage of her. He only pays attention to her when she gets attention from other guys, though once or twice he's shown interest in her on his own volition.


Josh is a dancer at a nearby performing arts school. He meets Tina in a milk fridge. He later asks her to his school dance. He later becomes part of a love triangle with Tina and Jimmy Jr. He gets into a dance battle with Jimmy Jr. over Tina. Since Tina can't pick one of the boys they both leave her.


Zeke has shown interest in Tina a few times in the series. Once, he became the "Mad Pooper" to give her a news story to report about for the school news show. Another time, he suggested that the two of them would be married and even have grandkids someday.

Tammy Larsen

The two met when Tammy was a new girl in school who would goad Tina into wild behavior, particularly after Tina showed Tammy her friendfiction and Tammy blackmailed her by threatening to show Jimmy Jr. They were largely enemies, though Tina would often see her as a "frenemy" due to not actually hating Tammy except on a few occasions. They get along better in recent seasons.



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