Gayle (Bob's Burgers)

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Name: Gayle
Occupation: Various temporary jobs
Relationships: Bob Belcher (brother in law), Tina Belcher (niece), Gene Belcher (nephew), Louise Belcher (niece), Philip Frond (love interest), Linda Belcher (sister), Gloria (mother), Al (father)
Fandom: Bob's Burgers
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Gayle is a recurring character in Bob's Burgers. Constantly between jobs and obsessed with her three cats, she is arguably one of the most unhinged and irresponsible characters in the show, however when push comes to shove, her priorities and instincts are in the right place.


Gayle has canonically has a short relationship with Mr Frond, the Belcher kids’ school guidance counsellor. Other interests have included Bob himself, encouraged by Linda in the hope it would drive her to a new, more permanent love interest, and Dr Yap, the local dentist and subsequent love interest after Bob.

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