Jimmy Pesto

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Name: James Poplopovitch
Occupation: Restaurant owner
Relationships: Bob Belcher (rival), Linda Belcher, Jimmy Jr. (son), Ollie Pesto (son), Andy Pesto (son), unnamed ex-wife, Trevor (employee), Calvin Fischoeder (landlord)
Fandom: Bob's Burgers
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Jimmy Pesto is a secondary character in Bob's Burgers.


Reportedly handsome, Jimmy Pesto is arguably the best businessman in Bog Harbor - after Mr Fischoeder of course. Cutting corners to save money by any means possible, he is also a poor role model for his children, being emotionally distant and behaving poorly towards other residents, especially business rival Bob Belcher. While one of the closest things Bog Harbor has to a ‘villain’, he isn’t strictly a bad person, he just has poor ideals.


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Jimmy Pesto often goes to sleazy motels to sleep with various women, as evidenced by his sons Andy and Ollie recognizing the motel where he takes his ‘naps’. Ships featuring Jimmy Pesto are rare at best. However, canon has teased the idea of Jimmy/Bob Belcher, at least via commentary from characters like Linda.

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