Calvin Fischoeder

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Name: Calvin Fischoeder
Occupation: Landlord
Relationships: Bob Belcher (tenant), Linda Belcher, Jimmy Pesto (tenant), Mort (tenant), Teddy (tenant), Felix Fischoeder (brother), Grover Fischoeder (cousin), Shelby Shnabel (love interest) Aunt Gayle (love interest), Samuel Summerbottom (rich friend), Randalph Breckinridge (rich friend), August Offenheimer (rich friend)
Fandom: Bob's Burgers
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Mr Fischoeder is a secondary character in Bob's Burgers.


Eccentric, unpredictable, and inexplicably prepared for almost every situation, Calvin is probably the most chaotic character in the entire cast of Bob's Burgers. Financially in control of the entire town of Bog Harbor, he is often painted as a villain - especially given his cape and eye patch - but deep down he has a good heart and cares about his tenants. But he wouldn’t let them know that. Weakness leads to loss of revenue, of course!


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Having had occasional flings with Aunt Gayle, and setting up an entire convoluted scenario to win the desires of Shelby, shipping with Calvin isn’t unheard of, but his role in fanfic tends to feature him as a comedy relief rather than anything romantic, so don’t expect many ships.

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