Teddy (Bob's Burgers)

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Name: Teddy
Occupation: Handyman
Relationships: Bob Belcher (best friend), Tina Belcher, Gene Belcher, Louise Belcher, Mort (friend), Linda Belcher (friend), Denise (Ex-wife), unnamed parents, Dana (sister)
Fandom: Bob's Burgers
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Teddy is a recurring character in Bob's Burgers. Generally knowledgeable about most things DIY, his borderline addition to Bob’s wares means that he is in almost every episode, usually eating at the counter.


Teddy’s crush on Linda is well documented, however he has has a couple of canonical relationships, including his ex-wife Denise; Helen, a widow who commissioned him for some handiwork; and Kathleen, an Irish lady living in an apartment building where he was commissioned to find a netsuke (a Japanese trinket) by the aforementioned Helen. Other ships include with Mort and/or Bob, both of which are lesser seen.

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