Jimmy Jr.

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Name: James Poplopovitch ‘’Pesto’’ Jr.
Occupation: Student
Relationships: Louise Belcher (Friend), Tina Belcher (friend/love interest), Gene Belcher (friend), Jimmy Pesto (father), Andy Pesto (brother), Ollie Pesto (brother), unnamed mother, Zeke (school friend), Tammy Larsen (school friend), Jocelyn (school friend)
Fandom: Bob's Burgers
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Jimmy Jr. is a secondary character in Bob's Burgers.


With his trademark lisp and love of dance, Jimmy Jr.’s primary role in Bob’s Burgers is as Tina’s love interest. Hosting a mild resentment towards his father for suppressing his hobbies, he has nevertheless picked up some of his dad’s poor habits, such as his attitude towards women and dating.


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Jimmy is primarily shipped with Tina, occasionally featuring in a love triangle with Zeke. He has had a couple of other love interests, however Jimmy/Tina remains the dominant pairing.

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