Zeke (Bob's Burgers)

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Name: Zeke
Occupation: Student
Relationships: Louise Belcher, Tina Belcher (friend/love interest), Gene Belcher, unnamed parents, unnamed grandparents, Leslie (cousin), Cheryl (stepmother), Tammy Larsen, Jocelyn, Jimmy Jr. (best friend/love interest), Regular-sized Rudy (school friend)
Fandom: Bob's Burgers
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Zeke is a secondary character in Bob's Burgers.


Initially falling into the bully trope, Zeke was quickly revealed to be far more sensitive, prioritising his friends and family above anything else. From stealing a mascot costume to cheer up his grandmother to pulling pranks for attention, his heart is in the right places but his methods aren’t always the best.


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Zeke’s affection towards both Jimmy Jr. and Tina may hint at him being bisexual, which is reflected in shipping. Love triangles between the three can be expected, as can Zeke being shipped with Gene on occasion.

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