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Pairing: Louise Belcher/Regular-Sized Rudy
Alternative name(s): Louise x Rudy, LouWheeze
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Bob's Burgers
Canonical?: Debatable (canonically just one kiss at Valentine’s, but they have enough chemistry to expand on it)
Prevalence: Common
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The Louise/Rudy pairing explores the possibility of a relationship between two characters in the cartoon Bob’s Burgers. Its common name is LouWheeze instead of traditional portmanteaus such as "Loudy" or "Rouise" due to it playing a pun on Rudy's asthma, and also rolling off the tongue much more nicely than the aforementioned examples.


Ever since the events of the episode "Bob Actually", where Louise kissed Rudy on Valentine’s Day out of pity, the pairing exploded in popularity, going from an almost nonentity to one of the show’s most popular ships in very little time. The two have a natural chemistry together with their love of deception, and unlike Louise/Logan, there is no large age gap either, making things less creepy without ageing up the characters.

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