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Name: Travis
Occupation: Federation officer
Title/Rank: Space Commander
Status: dead
Fandom: Blake's 7
Other: Portrayed by Stephen Greif, Brian Croucher
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Travis is one of the antagonists in Blake's 7 series. He appears in the first two seasons and is portrayed by two different actors.

Travis One

Travis is the Federation officer in charge of capturing Blake, although his enthusiasm for doing so leads him to lose his commission a couple of times. This Time It’s Personal, because Travis lost an eye and an arm (the latter being replaced by a laser beam weapon--i.e., he can’t tell his arsenal from his elbow) to Blake during a battle with the Freedom Party. Travis 1 was played by Stephen Greif, who, however, was replaced by…

Travis Two

…Brian Croucher, who really doesn’t look, sound, or act very similar to Travis 1. Just another link in the B7 Suspension Bridge of Disbelief. Most B7 fen have a strong preference for one Travis or the other. I’m a T1 supporter myself. Classicists in the fandom assure us that the plural of “Travis” is not “Travii” but “Traves.” But then, the plural of “Elvis” is not “Elves.” [1]


Travis I on the back cover of Down and Unsafe #8 by Kathy Hanson
Travis II on the inside art from Time Distort #1
Front cover of B7 Complex #10 by Deb Walsh. The artist commented: "One of my favorite issues, the theme was Travis and Blake as Yin and Yang. Looking back at this particular issue, I feel that my abilities as an illustrator were at their peak. Some 10+ years later, I was flipping through this issue, and i was really impressed with the quality of art. I checked the signature and was quite surprised to find my own." [2]

Fanworks that focus on Travis often explore the theme of the Federation's repressiveness. Some authors come up with in-universe explanations for the change in Travis' appearance and personality that occurred because the actor playing him was replaced.

In fanfiction, Travis had been paired in many characters. No pairing with him is significally prevalent, though the most popular are Blake/Travis, Avon/Travis, Servalan/Travis and Travis/Kiera. Some rarepairs like Cally/Travis have quite a lot of fanfiction written about them because of few dedicated fans. Many (but not most) fics that feature pairings with Travis are non-con or dub-con.


Blake/Travis fics usually add sexual dimension to Travis' obsession with Blake. Some of them portray the attraction as one-sided, others suggest that they used to be lovers, usually pre-canon. The essay Recurring Themes in Blake's 7 Fan Fiction describes stories with this pairing as "one answer to the ever-popular question "why didn't Blake kill Travis."


Though Avon and Travis spoke to each other in only one episode, the number of fics with this pairing is similar to that of Blake/Travis fics.



Kiera (the spelling of the name may vary), mutoid from the episode Duel, is one of the most popular one-shot characters in the Blake's 7 fandom. The imaginings of her backstory often include her relationship with Travis, romantic or platonic.

Travis & Kiera




Fics about this pairing are usually PWB stories with the premise that Tarrant and Travis knew each other when Tarrant studied in the Federation Space Academy.


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The authors that were fans of Travis: Penny Dreadful, Zelda, Pinkdormouse, Red Star Robot, Lyssie, babel.


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