Face of the Enemy

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Title: Face of the Enemy
Author(s): Clocketpatch
Date(s): September 2015
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Face of the Enemy is a Avon/Blake story by Clocketpatch.

The story was published in September 2015 by Aralias in Pride and Prejudice, a Blake's 7 zine.

Reactions and Reviews

Oh, this is all so good! I love how creepy and plausible and well thought through this plot is (I originally prompted this, but I never imagined anything half this interesting). This fic is really vivid and memorable for me--Avon's first moments in Travis's body are very well drawn. I like the added touch of Travis not knowing about the aspect of the plan that might be fatal to him. I love everything about the wonderful Avon-Servalan scene, but particularly how dismissive she is of Travis--it all feels so cleverly, sharply imagined, and so in character in ways that fandom doesn't always explore with these characters. The horribleness of Avon potentially not being himself works really well. Blake's complete horror at the idea of Avon not being himself is very well rendered for me, and Blake's frustration with himself for not realizing it wasn't Avon is interesting and unusual.

"I suppose I forgive you," Avon said, still facing away. "After all, you're the one who's given my life purpose for so long.”

There's something that really gets me about this line, coming from Travis. The way it's both about Avon and Travis--it hits me hard in ways I don't totally understand, but that I really like.

Brilliant plot, great ending. [1]


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