The Marx Brothers

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Name(s): The Marx Brothers
Scope/Focus: Stage, film, TV
Date(s): 1905-1949
See also: Monty Python, The Three Stooges
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The Marx Brothers was a comedy group, consisting of several real-life brothers. They originally appeared in vaudeville in the early 20th century, than later shows on Broadway, before starring in their first movie in 1929, The Cocoanuts, a film adaptation of one of their Broadway shows.

The "classic" line-up was a trio consisting of Groucho (Julius), Chico (Leonard), and Harpo (Adolph).

There were also two other brothers, Zeppo (Herbert), who left after their film Duck Soup and Gummo (Milton), who did not appear in any of the movies.


The Marx Brothers gained a cult following and were staples on the late night TV blocks and Midnight movie showings. In the 1950s, Groucho had a career resurgence when he hosted the game show "You Bet Your Life" and was a frequent guest on many talk shows.


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  • Donkey Shines by Mike Rowe, a compilation of some of the funnier scenes from some of their later films, presented as a "lost film".

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