Wolf 359 (podcast)

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Name: Wolf 359
Abbreviation(s): w359
Date(s): August 14, 2014- December 25, 2017
Medium: Podcast, Radio Theater
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: Official website
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Wolf 359 is a podcast produced by Kinda Evil Genius Productions

The Podcast

Wolf 359 is a podcast that depicts the surreal lives of the U.S.S. Hephaestus Research Station as they orbit the star of Wolf 359, almost 8 light years away from Earth. The major characters are:

  • Communications Officer Douglas Eiffel, the show's lazy protagonist
  • Commander Renée Minkowski, the strict captain who initially antagonizes Eiffel
  • Doctor Hilbert, the station's morally ambiguous doctor who conducts questionable experiments
  • Hera, the station's AI
  • Captain Isabel Lovelace (introduced later), the ship's previous captain
  • Colonel Warren Kepler (introduced later), leader of the SI-5 team sent to the Hephaestus to contain the crew and continue their research
  • Daniel Jacobi (introduced later), demolitions expert of the SI-5 team
  • Dr. Alana Maxwell (introduced later), AI expert of the SI-5 team
  • Marcus Cutter, Goddard Futuristics Director of Communications
  • Dr. Miranda Pryce (introduced later), Cutter's partner. Goddard Futuristic's Head AI Engineer.

The Fandom

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Fandom History

The first episodes of the podcast were released in August of 2014. Over time, a fandom began to gain traction on Tumblr. The fandom eventually saw somewhat of a boom in the fall of 2015, with the number of fics on AO3 skyrocketing. The first Wolf 359 live show was held in New York City that December.

A Wolf 359 Reverse Big Bang event was also held in May of 2018.

Tropes and Fanon

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