Bad Buddy

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Name: Bad Buddy
Creator: GMMTV
Date(s): Oct 29, 2021 - Jan 21, 2022
Medium: streaming television show, webseries
Country of Origin: Thailand
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Bad Buddy is a Thai boys love drama series about sons of two feuding families who secretly become friends. It was extremely popular both domestically and internationally as it was airing, winning several awards for Best Series and introducing many new fans to the world of Thai BL.

GMMTV’s flagship BL started 2022 on a BANG (okay no actual banging but you know what I mean), starring heavy hitters Ohm & Nanon in a pitch perfect university Romeo & Juliet masterpiece that will give you domesticity meets pain whiplash throughout and jet lag at the end. Great production values, killer acting, and some conscious effort to correct for half a decade of Thai BL’s anti-queer mistakes. GMMTV, we forgive you. More.

quick pitch by absolutebl, Archived version


Most fan activity revolves around PatPran, the core relationship of the series. Canon GL ship InkPa also gets some attention. Fans make gifsets, fanart, fanfiction and meta analysis posts.

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