KinnPorsche: The Series

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Name: Kinnporsche The Series

Kinnporsche Kinnporsche the series La Forte

Thai: คินน์พอร์ช เดอะ ซีรีส์; RTGS: khin phoch [the series]
Creator: Kongkiat Komesiri (Director)

Pond Krisda Witthayakhajorndet (Director) Pepsi Banchorn-Vorasataree (Director)

Be on Cloud (Production company)
Date(s): 2022
Medium: TV
Country of Origin: Thailand
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Fan Art of Kinnporsche the series.

"KinnPorsche The Series" is a 2022 Thai BL drama adapted from the online novel of the same name by [Daemi]. The second young master of a Mafia family, Kinn (played by Phakphum Romsaithong), is saved by Porsche (played by Nattawin Wattanagitiphat) while trying to escape a hostile gang. Porsche is recruited to become the man's bodyguard, and eventually they become romantic partners. This Thai live action drama is a departure from the format of most previous BL dramas because of it's setting, explicitness, and high production values.


  • Kinn / Porsche (KinnPorsche) is the canon ship which the name is based on. It is between Kinn Theerapanyakul, young head of a Mafia family, and Porsche Kittisawasd a bartender and street fighter who saves his life and is roped into becoming his bodyguard.
  • Vegas / Pete (vegaspete) is the main side ship between Vegas Theerapanyakul, oldest son of the minor family, and Pete Saengtham, a bodyguard for the major family that Vegas captures and tortures.
  • Kim / Chay - (Kimchay) Ship between the third child of the major family, Kimhan Theerapanyakul and Porsche's little brother Porchay Kittisawasd who are both musicians.
  • MileApo is a RPF ship between the actors who portray Kinn (Mile Phakphum Romsaithong) and Porsche (Apo Nattawin Wattanagitiphat). There is an elaborate backstory about how Mile saw Apo back in college at a gym and thought he was the most beautiful man he had ever seen.[1] Apo returned from bartending in the United States soon after covid hit, and they met again when they auditioned for the role. When the production failed, Mile used his own money to finance the show so that Apo and he could act together. [2]


The series is fairly explicit with a rating on IQIYI of 18+. The explicitness of the scenes has turned off some BL fans who prefer tamer content. Some have also objected to the fact that the youngest actor, at 17, is unable to watch the show he is in.[3] There has also been discussion on how BL show ratings have dropped after the airing of the show thought to be because fans are less satisfied with run of the mill BL shows with poor acting and low production values. [4]

Other elements of the show that have drawn criticism are non-consensual sexual relationships, BDSM, torture, and family abuse. Not to mention the casual violence of a show about Mafia wars. [5] [6]

Thai Fandom

The novel that Kinnporsche was based on was very popular in Thailand, and many of the fans were following the production. When the original production company dropped the property during the Covid-19 pandemic, many fans feared that the show would not be produced. Be on Cloud was formed to complete the work, but not all actors continued with the project, notably gameplay. This led to some negative feedback.

Ratings were high during its production. There is excitement about an upcoming world tour to begin at Impact Arena in Bankok Thailand. "Do you feel like you were there from day one?" "We are so proud of you that you lift up the standard of Thai BL series" [7]

International Fandom

Kinnporsche has a large international fandom. Meta, gifs, and production news are found on many platforms: especially tumblr and twitter. All of the episodes have multiple watchthroughs on youtube. The production house is planning a Kinnporsche World Tour where the actors will go to other countries, although which countries is not certain yet.

Fan Works

A post series fanfic dealing with the aftermath of episode 14.

A fanvideo.

A Vegas/Pete fanvid. Having escaped from Vegas' safe house. Pete is confused and upset at his conflicted feelings toward his captor.


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