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Cakeverse (케이크버스는 (Korean); ケーキバース (Japanese)) is a trope created by Korean Twitter user, Rune_communicat[1]. The original concept was based off of Omegaverse, but changed the dynamics. Rather than Alpha/Beta/Omega, the Cakeverse consists of Forks, Cakes, and Normals. The trope takes on a more cannibalistic nature that Omegaverse.

Apparently, when asked "why cakes and forks", the original creator answered that she just likes cakes.[2]

Basic Elements


Cakes are people who taste sweet (or like cake), though only a Fork can taste this flavour. Their flavour carries in their flesh and their bodily fluids[3]. Cakes can be different flavours including a flavour unique to them. Cakes are able to live their lives never knowing that they are cakes.


Forks are able to taste a Cakes flavour by consuming their flesh or fluids. Over time, they lose their sense of taste for anything other than Cakes, causing Cakes to become more tempting to them. After finding a Cake, a Fork will be consumed with desire to eat them, but they will rarely attack a Cake on their first encounter.[4]


Normals exist without any of the characteristics of Cakes or Forks.



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