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Cakeverse (케이크버스 (Korean); ケーキバース (Japanese)) is a trope created by Korean Twitter user, Rune_communicat[1]. The original concept was based off of Omegaverse, but changed the dynamics. Rather than Alpha/Beta/Omega, the Cakeverse consists of Forks, Cakes, and Normals. The trope takes on a more cannibalistic nature that Omegaverse.

Apparently, when asked "why cakes and forks", the original creator answered that she just likes cakes.[2]

Basic Elements


Cakes are people who taste sweet (or like cake), though only a Fork can taste this flavour. Their flavour carries in their flesh and their bodily fluids[3]. Cakes can be different flavours including a flavour unique to them. Cakes are able to live their lives never knowing that they are cakes.


Forks are able to taste a Cake's flavour by consuming their flesh or fluids. Over time, they lose their sense of taste for anything other than Cakes, causing Cakes to become more tempting to them. After finding a Cake, a Fork will be consumed with desire to eat them, but they will rarely attack a Cake on their first encounter[4].


Normals exist without any of the characteristics of Cakes or Forks.



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