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Synonyms: Trading
See also: Bootleg, File Sharing, Sharing Deleted Fanworks
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For many theater fans, bootlegs are the only way to see shows. Thus, a community and culture has developed around the sharing of bootlegs.

Reasons For Sharing Bootlegs

Approaches to Sharing Bootlegs

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Some bootlegs are titled "bootleg", but many avoid this term in order to reduce the likelihood that they will be flagged for copyright infringement.

Sometimes the bootleg might be titled with a title completely unrelated. These titles go through trends, such as titling after memes. For example, the title of a show followed by "Slime Tutorial" is a popular bootleg title.

Other times they're synonyms or related terms; Checkers for Chess the Musical, or TapDancing Eggs for Something Rotten.

Once, a Hamilton bootleg was posted on Pornhub ? And other bootlegs might have followed suit?