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Name: Freedom of Speech Fan Fiction Archive
Date(s): ?-2013?
Founder: Lilah
Fandom: multifandom
Freedom of Speech.png
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Freedom of Speech Fan Fiction Archive was a multifandom fanfiction archive.

As of May 2012 it had hosted 14,882 stories by 3221 authors.

The site was mentioned in 2004 where it was listed in the Hidden Whispers directory.[1]

It appears that in 2013 the site's content was wiped:[note 1] and the current owners created a new site:

Freedom of Speech is starting over to a completely new site that they are going to make from scratch. FOS was always going in and out of service and the coding was riddled with errors, and since it changed hands so many times it seemed like nothing was getting fixed, so the current owner has decided to make a new and better site.

Yes, you're going to have to republish all of your stories by hand, and yes, you have lost all of your reviews, but at least you won't have to hope that FOS is online every month or so.

The link is to the site's facebook page that explains everything that's going to go on. Unfortunately, I don't know when the new site will be up, or whether it will keep it's title "Freedom of Speech."[2]

The new site became Ghosts of the Vanguard ("a literary appreciation site").[3]


Main Categories: Anime & Manga [7986] | Games [615] | Mythologies [23] | RPFs [37] | Articles [54] | Movies [380] | Originals [1379] | TV-Shows [2198] | Books [1030] | MSTings [7] | Rants [50] | Wrestling [23] | Comics [201] | Musical [7]

Fanfiction about books by these authors was not allowed: P.N. Elrod, Raymond Feist, Laurell K. Hamilton, Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffrey, Robin McKinley, Irene Radford, Anne Rice, J.D. Robb, Nora Roberts, and Patricia Cornwell.

Fan Comments

From a fan in 2015:

everyone seems to forget freedom of speech fanfiction, which – I am not a history buff I just spent a lot of time there. It existed fitfully, due to bugs and issues with payments and–a lot of things, before it evolved into lunaescence [4]. It was smaller than, but it felt more homey. More genial. Maybe because it wasn’t so massive. [5]

Reactions to the Site Wipe

[matcha-boba]: i guess they closed the website down and they plan to wipe it completely clean and start from fresh. i think they had problems with their server? I know they have all the details on their facebook page though! [6]

[rougeberry]: Thank you! ♥ I thought that they were just switching servers though. I didn’t know they were wiping it completely clean. D: I don’t have a facebook, so I couldn’t reach their account on there. It’s kinda sad for the people who’ve only posted and updated on fosff are gonna lose all of their stories and hit counts, but I hope it all works out okay this time. [7]

Notes and References


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