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Name: Nora Roberts
Also Known As: J. D. Robb
Occupation: author
Medium: novels
Works: In Death series, Bridal Quartet, Circle Trilogy, others
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Fan Website(s): Nora Roberts on Wikipedia
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Nora Roberts is an American author. She also writes the In Death series under the name J. D. Robb.

Attitudes Toward Fanfiction

Stories based on Nora Roberts' works have been barred from FanFiction.Net at her request since at least 2003,[1] although the site has had a category for the In Death series since 2014.[2]

However, she stated around early 2003: "I've never read any fanfic, but I don't have a problem with it. As long as nobody tries to pass the characters, etc, off as their own creation, it's find with me. I imagine it's fun." She later expanded:

I don't mind fanfic--on sites devoted to or encouraging it.

On a personal level I'm divided in two parts on the subject. It's flattering, without a doubt, that readers are so excited by a story or characters, or so intrigued by them and want to spend the time and the effort to write stories that spring from or involve them. And I certainly understand the fun factor.

The other part of me isn't entirely comfortable with seeing characters or situations I created in the hands of someone else. That's, I'd guess, a territorial sort of thing.

It doesn't make me nuts or anything. The fact is, I don't read it.

But I'd say on your own site, or a site that supports or is structured for fanfic--go for it, and have a good time.[3]

-- Nora Roberts, June 2003 at ADWOFF

In 2014, the owner of Fan Fiction announced that they would be closing the archive at Nora's request, and posted an excerpt of a message from Nora:

While I've, with few exceptions, left the fanfic on your site alone, in the several months I've had to monitor. This, as you know, became necessary when stories having Eve or Roarke raped were put up. When stories that had nothing to do with the canon or completely disrespected and bastardized the characters were put up....You have guidelines in rules in place, but they simply aren't being enforced....This is extremely upsetting to me as the writer of the series, and as I've said before I must protect my characters and my work.

I simply don't have time to monitor the fanfic on I ask you, respectfully, to stop publishing it on the site. I'd hoped I wouldn't have to ask this, but I must, and you indicated if I ever asked, you would respect my wishes. I'm counting on that.[4]-- Nora Roberts, December 2014, quoted at Fan Fiction

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