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Name/s: day
Fandom/s: shipper multifandom
You can find me at:
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me
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hi! i go by day, i'm a fairly young fan with an interest in fandom history who seems to keep coming back to make an edit pages on procrastination binges! seeing other fans edits here and passion makes me feel so glad to have this hobby out of love. i'm much more responsive on discord so hit me up there!

I also default to lapslock when I'm sleep-deprived. I promise I have good grammar most of the time :joy:

Easy Reference

to-dones: Special:Contributions/Distracteddaydreamer

Editing Accomplishments

Unfinished, come back to


It would be interesting to make pages for some excellent fanworks that become hallmarks of a fandom (at least in certain parts) Pages Made

Contributed to

some to dos?

Sorting Hat

  • chinese fandom culture pages
    • 24 hour challenge (chinese fandom)
  • otome games
  • gacha games fandoms?
  • rarepair week events
  • pjo fandom & HoO fandom
  • ink-splotch
  • rbcfandom
    • classics page
    • exchange
  • Queen's Thief

Talk pages I started a convo on but should probably come back to