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This template should be used for Video Games as fandoms. For fangames, please use the Fangame Template instead.

This template automatically includes the article in Category:Video Games. You should manually add [[Category:Fandoms by Source Text]] or another appropriate fandom category.

See Help:Fandoms for more information.


To embed this template on a page, copy & paste the code below to the top of the new page:

|reveal date=
|release date=
|external links=
|see also=


  • Name - Official name of the game
  • Abbreviation(s) - Known fannish abbreviations; there may be multiple
  • Developer - Software developer. For many indie games, this is the same as the publisher.
  • Publisher - Publisher. Example: Spore was developed by Maxis, published by Electronic Arts.
  • Reveal date - Date the game was first announced - the "reveal" of the eventual release.
  • Release date - Date of the first public release, which might be an early-access game or an open beta release. Additional date notes can go in the body text.
  • Platform(s) - Hardware and OS
  • Type - Type of gameplay, e.g. action platformer, visual novel, space shooter, metroidvania, real-time strategy, walking sim, racing game, etc. More than one is possible.
  • External links - Usually, the game's official company page. Sometimes a Steam page.
  • See also: A larger/multimedia fandom, or other related games, or both.
  • Image: Logo or screencap

The Template

Video Game Fandom
Reveal date:
Release date:
External links:
See also:
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