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Name: Cupid (Eros in Greek mythology)
Occupation: god of “romantic” love
Relationships: Venus/Aphrodite (mother), Mars/Ares (father), Psyche (consort)
Fandom: Roman Mythology, Greek Mythology
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Cupid is the god of lust and love in classical mythology. His name in Greek mythology is Eros, from which we get the term erotic. He is often portrayed as a baby with wings, and is commonly drawn by artists, especially on Valentine cards, as an accent on ceilings, or in romantic paintings. He carries a bow and arrow which he uses to shoot the hearts of people to make them fall passionately in love.

Although often portrayed as a baby, the most famous work about him, Cupid and Psyche, portrays him as a young man. Cupid accidentally scratches himself with one of his arrows and falls in love with a mortal. He hides his identity from her, and when she discovers it, he leaves. Psyche goes on a great quest to get him back.

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