Billy Hargrove

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Name: Billy Hargrove
Occupation: High Schooler
Relationships: Max Mayfield (step-sister)
Neil Hargrove (father)
Susan Hargrove (step-mother)
Steve Harrington (rival)
Fandom: Stranger Things
Other: Played by Dacre Montgomery
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Billy Hargrove is a fictional character from the Stranger Things television series, and is portrayed by Dacre Montgomery.


Billy Hargrove is introduced in the first episode of season 2, as a classmate of Steve Harrington, Jonathan Byers, and Nancy Wheeler, and as a rival to Steve. He is a secondary antagonist in seasons 2 and 3, until he briefly becomes an ally when he saves Eleven’s life by sacrificing his own.



Billy Hargrove is an incredibly divisive character within the Stranger Things fandom. At the center of this divide are disagreements over how he should be portrayed and over whether it is wrong to like problematic characters.


  • In July 2022 Billy was the 8th most popular Stranger Things character on AO3. [1]

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