Jackie Chan Adventures

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Name: Jackie Chan Adventures
Abbreviation(s): JCA
Date(s): Sept 9, 2000-July 8, 2005
Medium: Cartoon
Country of Origin: USA
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Jackie Chan Adventures was a cartoon that aired on Kids' WB from 2000-2005. The show focused on a fictionalized version of Jackie Chan, an archaeologist who finds himself drawn into a series of supernatural adventures. Each season revolves around collecting a certain set of mystical artifacts, with interference from the season's main antagonist. Jade Chan, Jackie's young niece, was intended as a viewpoint character for the audience.


JCA is remembered fondly by most viewers, although at the time there was resistance to the show's focus on Jade, whom some older viewers found annoying. A post made to canon-sues in 2003 listed her flaws as being disrespectful, interfering in dangerous missions despite being told not to, and taking focus away from Jackie, both in the show and in fanworks. However, the majority of fan content was about Jade, often as a self-insert of sorts for younger fans who identified with her.

Many fanfics were about Jade discovering powers she doesn't possess in canon, and facing down villains, either original or those from the show. In the show's canon, Jade eventually becomes an official agent for Section 13 as an adult, and a two-part episode shows her traveling through time and meeting her younger self. There was also a strong tendency to ship her with villains, among them the demon Hsi-Wu, whom she briefly crushes on in canon before discovering his true nature, and Drago, the show's final villain, whom she's shown to have a history with as an adult.