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Journal Community
Name: The Canon Sue Report
Date(s): Created on 9 September 2003. Last post 6 August 2014.
Moderator: limyaael
URL: The Canon Sue Report profile
posting page

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The Canon Sue Report was a LiveJournal community.

It had 481 journal entries, 6,401 comments received, 14 memories. [1]

It was modeled after The Mary Sue Report.


From the site's introduction:

Community maintainer is limyaael; let me know if you have questions, problems, comments, and so on.

This is a spin-off of marysues, the Mary Sue Report (yes, another one). Canon Mary Sues overrun the MSR every once in a while, and sometimes lead to arguments about whether a Canon Sue actually exists or not. Thus, this Report, specifically for the reporting of Canon Sues.

It may seem obvious, but if you don't believe Canon Sues exist, or if you do but find yourself filled with disgust at the purpose of the community, it's probably best not to join- just the same way that people who appreciate Mary Sue fanfics wouldn't hang around marysues.

Report Form: (Stolen in part from the MSR; tell me if that's a problem)

Title of Work:
Full Name, including titles:
Full Species(es):
Hair Colour (include adjectives):
Eye Colour:
Unusual Markings/Colourations:
Special Possessions/Pets:
Annoying Sidekicks:
Annoying Origin:
Annoying Way of Ruining the Story:
Annoying Special Abilities:
Miscellaneous Reasons The Sue Should Not Exist:
Redeeming Qualities: (Reasons the Sue might not be annoying to someone else).
Small snippet of Sue Being Annoying: (Please make sure this is properly accredited to author, so we're not violating copyright).


1) Don't be a jerk. Attack the Sue all you want, or the Sues if they're multiple, but don't personally insult or bash the author/game creator/screenwriter.

2) If you disagree, explain politely. Not everyone might agree that a particular character is a Canon Sue. However, civility goes both ways. Don't attack or flame the person who posted it; just explain why you think the character isn't a Sue, or is.

3) Point and laugh at Canon Sues to your heart's content. Since this Report is for people who already believe Canon Sues exist, I don't expect a whole lot of "But Canon Sues aren't real!" unless your personal favorite series gets attacked- in which case, see the first two rules.

4) Please don't report fanfiction Sues. That's what marysues is for.

5) Original unpublished Sues in other genres, such as from FictionPress, are welcome. Same thing holds, though: don't bash the author, and explain any disagreement politely.

6) Please use LJ-cut on longer entries. This is just common courtesy so that friends pages don't get cluttered.

7) Be aware that many of the reports will contain spoilers. If the report is for a game/book/movie/TV show that you're interested in not being spoiled for, just scroll past.

8) Remember that this is a Canon Sue report site, not a review site. Leaving a link to the community and claiming it's a review isn't fair to either the author, who will be expecting a more objective look at the character, or the reporter, who came to complain and not also admire the author's talent.

9) Have fun. Really, this community is for amusement, to laugh and groan and shake our heads at characters that strike us as Sueish. If it inspires canon discussion in the comments, hey, that's great too; there are few people who would mind a deeper appreciation of canon. However, if you find yourself very upset because someone disagrees with you about the Sueishness of a character, or upset at the very purpose of the community, take a deep breath and relax. We're mocking fictional characters, not real people, and we know that's what we're doing.

Let me know if you have questions, comments, additions, and so on.

To reported authors who find this community: Be assured that we're not bashing you as a person. (Anyone who flames and claims to be coming from this community was assuredly not sent, and does not have approval for this kind of behavior). We're criticizing your writing, which is something separate. You can ask for help on your story if you want. However, if you show up and flame first, be warned that most community members will be long practiced in the art of snark.


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