The Bright Sessions

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Name: The Bright Sessions
Abbreviation(s): tbs
Creator: Lauren Shippen
Date(s): 01 November 2015 – present
Medium: Podcast, novel
Country of Origin:
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The Bright Sessions is the name for the overarching universe from the eponymous The Bright Sessions, a podcast audio drama taking place in an alternate universe where super-powered individuals known as atypicals exist. The podcast starts off about titular Dr. Bright and her sessions with her various patients, but eventually loses this framing device. There are two sequels to The Bright Sessions: The AM Archives (billed as season six) and The College Tapes (billed as season seven). There are also three novels written by Lauren Shippen: The Infinite Noise, A Neon Darkness, and Some Faraway Place. A TV Show is currently in development.

The Podcast

There are four seasons in the main series, which is a serialized story, known as The Bright Sessions. This ran from 01 November 2015 to 13 June 2018. Season five are a series of bonus content. Season six is The AM Archives and season seven is The College Tapes. These last two seasons originally released on Luminary behind a paywall, but they are now being released publicly on the same feed as The Bright Sessions.

The Novels

The Infinite Noise

dual narrated by Caleb Michaels and Adam Hayes. takes place concurrently with season one.

A Neon Darkness

narrated by Damien, a fan favourite character, and explores his backstory prior to the start of the podcast.

Some Faraway Place

narrated by Rose Atkinson, who is introduced in season 3.

The Fandom

Fandom History

The show's popularity faded around the time it was announced future spin-offs were announced on Luminary. It was also around this time that the fandom on Tumblr began to die down and moved onto Twitter.

Recently there has been retrospectives on Tumblr criticizing the show. Two prominent ones are Why Are You The Fucking Protagonist - a somewhat bitter review of Samantha Barnes and The Bright Sessions: How a Podcast About Therapy Manages to Stigmatise Mental Illness.

Fan Activities & Works

Characters and Pairings


  • Joan Bright, played by Julia Morizawa
  • Sam Barnes, played with Lauren Shippen
  • Caleb Michaels, played with Briggon Snow, who also narrates The Infinite Noise
  • Chloe Turner, played by Anna Lore
  • Damien, played by Charlie Ian, who also narrates A Neon Darkness
  • Agent Green, played by Ian McQuown
  • Adam Hayes, played by Alex Gallner but is narrated by James Fouhey on The Infinite Noise
  • Mark Bryant, played by Andrew Nowak
  • Ellie Wadsworth, played by Alex Marshall-Brown
  • Frank Sawyer, played by Phillip Jordan
  • Rose Atkinson, played by Alanna Fox
  • Charlie Decker, played by Reyn Beeler
  • Sarah, played by Elizabeth Laird
  • Caitlin Park, played by Victoria Grace
  • Sadie Greenwood, played by Emily Kirk
  • Frankie Meeks
  • Oliver Ritz, played by Kristian Bruun
  • Ben Bernard
  • Seamus Blackwell
  • Jason Beck
  • Alice Michaels
  • Jackson Crawford, played by Dion Earl
  • Mags Densmore, played by Bryce Charles
  • Helen, played by Helen Highfield
  • Dr. Andrew Sharpe



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