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Video game fandom
NameCoral Island
Publisher(s)Stairway Games
Reveal dateFebruary 2021
Release dateLate 2022
External link(s)Coral Island Official Page
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Coral Island is a farming simulation game currently being developed by Stairway Games. It is inspired by other known farming sims like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. The game was kickstarted and was backed by 36,374 contributors who raised $1,639,368 for the project. The game is currently in its alpha version and the 1.0 is expected to be released in 2022. [1]


"A re-imagined farm sim game set on a tropical island that is inspired by the classics" [2]

The game is set in the small Starlet Town on the coast of a tropical island inspired by Southeast-Asian culture and environment. It counts with more than 50 NPCs, twenty of which are dateable characters. Other than farming and ranching, there are many features that will be included in the game, such as fishing, bug catching, diving, etc.

In 2022, Coral Island held a Valentine's Day themed fanart contest with the prize being the chance to have their original character's hairstyle featured in the game. [3]


Bachelors & Bachelorettes

  • Noah
  • Yuri
  • Scott
  • Lily
  • Eva
  • Rafael
  • Leah
  • Kenny
  • Surya
  • Nina
  • Theo
  • Macy
  • Pablo
  • Alice
  • Luke
  • Zarah

Honestly I wasn’t really interested in Coral Island but then I saw Lily was a romance option so now I need to get it [4]



Even though the game is not yet available to the majority of the fandom, fans of other farming sims are already eagerly producing content and interacting with one another on social media.

Also fun fact, the Coral Island kickstarter is full of people whining it’s just another Stardew… which then has people whining Stardew is a rip off of Story of Seasons.

People… they’re all unique farming sims. Nobody is ripping off anything.

Also I have to laugh that some people think Stardew was the first farming sim. Lol, no… [5]

Because of NDAs, people are not allowed to give too many details about the alpha version of the game, but overall, players seem impressed with the results and eager for the full release. [6] [7]

If you saw the stuff about the cool new farm sim game, Coral Island, going around a little while ago and thought “Hmm, looks good, but who knows if it’ll be any good when it’s out,” I am here to tell you that I’ve been playing the early access Alpha and it is a-ma-zing. It’s an alpha, so incomplete as yet, and so I am barred by the NDA from putting up screenshots or discussing any specific information, but it really is quite good.

The devs are trying a lot of new and cool ideas, it’s easily the most inclusive game I’ve seen in this genre, the plot looks very unique, and I absolutely love it so far. The discord is so inclusive and friendly - it’s very exiting.

I had to edit this six different times while I was typing it because I’m terrified of saying too much and getting access revoked! [8]





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