Vulcan Irregulars

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Title: Vulcan Irregulars
Publisher: Vulcan Irregulars Fan Club, out of Wayne, N.J.
Editor(s): Vivian Bregman and Phyllis Aaronson
Date(s): 1976-1977
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Vulcan Irregulars is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology edited by Vivian Bregman and Phyllis Aaronson.

Issue 1

Vulcan Irregulars 1 was published in November 1976 and contains 18 pages.

front cover of issue #1
the back cover of issue #1

Our first issue introduces a new character (a new regular?) on board the Enterprise, Lt. Commander T'Racy Cane. Oh, yes, fans... another Vulcan-Human, but this time... a female!

Being an editor is not an easy job. What we like, the readers many not. Then again, we may like so much of what is submitted that we feel like heels when something good has to be left out. We will do our best to satisfy all of our readers and contributors ---- which brings up another problem that editors have. WHERE ARE ALL THE CONTRIBUTORS???????? Please, folks, we need artists, cartoonists, poets (how about some sketches of what you think T'Racy looks like) --- we need articles, quizzes, puzzles, short stories, long stories, reviews, jokes, graffiti, etc. etc. etc.


Speaking of future issues, be on the lookout for a Captain Grey story about the U.S.S. Yorktown. And, of course, there'll be the future of adventures of Lt. Cmdr. T'Racy Cane.

Remember now, fans, if you don't contribute, we'll have to write it all. THAT I BOTH A PROMISE AND A THREAT!!!!!!!!!

See you next ish.

  • "Spock" by Linda Cappel (cover)
  • Why We Sent This To You (inner cover)
  • Editorial and Table of Contents (1)
  • Join Up! (uncredited in this zine, but issue #2 says it was by Mike Alexander) (2)
  • Ode to Star Trek by Mike Alexander (3)
  • Just What This Ship Needs, Another Vulcan by Vivian Bregman (3)
  • We Get Questions by Paul Havemann (8)
  • Star Trek: The Odd Voyage by Dr. David Meltz (9)
  • Trivia Quiz by --- another we don't know ---- please tell us --- we hate not knowing (18)
  • Star Trek Welcommittee (inside back cover)

Issue 2

Vulcan Irregulars 2 was published in May 1977 and contains 24 pages.

cover of issue #2

200 copies were printed.

From the editorial:

Boy, have we got news for you!! As of this writing, the Star Trek movie we've all been waiting for is definitely going into production in September, and we'll be able to wrap through the galaxy again, next July.

There's some news closer to home, too. Unforutnuatly, the Vulcan Trading Post is now longer located in the West Belt Mall for reasons too numerous to mention and whose logic would confuse even a Vulcan, the Post had to "Beam Up" to a new location. Until orbit is stabilized, the Post will continue to serve both members and non-members through the mails, on the same terms as before.

Please note that there is very little by you, here. We warned you that we'd write it all!!!

We'd publish Vulcan Irregular more often if you would send us something fit to print. You know, limericks, cartoons, puzzles, stories, poems, comments (favorable or otherwise) and stuff like that there.

We'll hear from you soon, right? Check !

Live Long and Prosper, T'Editor
  • "Spock" by Linda Cappel (cover)
  • Why We Sent This To You (inner cover)
  • Editorial and Table of Contents (1)
  • Just One of Those Days by Vivian Bregman (2)
  • From the Library Computer, book review by Roberta Rogow ( 13)
  • Send No Flowers by Cheryl Rice (supposedly reprinted from Spectrum #22, but this poem does not appear to be in that zine) (15)
  • Answers to the trivia quiz in the first issue, by Jeffrey Finckenor (15)
  • Letter Column (16)
  • The Jelly Donut Memorandum by Lee M. Jaecks and Carolyn Venino (reprinted from Beyond Orion) (17)
  • A Demand from the Citizens by James M. Scardelis (24)
  • Star Trek Welcommitee (inside back cover)
  • inside art: three versions of T'Racy Cane (Linda Chappel (p.14), Sandi Fogelson (p.24), and Dannielle Staub (p.24)

Issue 3

Vulcan Irregulars 3