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Title: Stargram
Publisher: April Publications, Inc. out of New York
Editor(s): Alan Andres
Date(s): 1976-?
Frequency: published quarterly
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Stargram is a gen Star Trek: TOS newsletter. It has the subtitle: "The Voice of Star Trek Fandom."

Issue v.1 n.1

Stargram v.1 n.1 was published in Spring 1976.

cover of v.1 n.1.

Issue v.1 n.2

Stargram v.1 n.2 was published in Summer 1976

Issue v.1 n.3

Stargram v.1 n.3 was published in Fall 1976 and contains 8 pages.

cover of v.1 n.3

Issue v.1 n.4

Stargram v.1 n.4was published in Winter 1976

Issue v.1 n.5

Stargram v.1 n.5was published in Spring 1977, it is the "First Anniversary Issue."

cover of v.1 n.5
  • 8 page newsletter
  • Convention Calendar
  • News from the world of Star Trek
  • Space Shuttle update
  • Fan Club listings
  • In Memoriam – Stanley Adams (Cyrano Jones from Trouble with Tribbles)
  • Why Star Trek Lives for Me by Deborah Marone
  • An ad for a 17x22 inch computer scanned image of Mr Spock and other cast members