By His Side

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Title: By His Side
Publisher: Klee-et Printing
Editor(s): Susan E. Haigler, art director Betsy L. Rice
Date(s): 1986
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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By His Side is a gen Star Trek 336-page anthology "devoted primarily to the Kirk-Spock friendship/brotherhood."

The art is by Chris Soto, Barbara P. Gordon, Jacqueline L. Wilson, Carol Pierce, and Jackie Zoost.

An ad in Datazine #36 said it was a "serious look at best friends" and asked for "no humor/pun/satire."

Carol Pierce
back cover by Chris Soto


  • Table of Contents (2)
  • Emotion by Kathy Resch (4)
  • A Certain Honor by Karen Rhodes (6)
  • My Captain by Donna Rose Vanerlaan (21)
  • Oath of Fealty by Gloria DeLeon (22)
  • Body, Mind, and Spirit by Maria Pehrson (24)
  • Night Watch by Betsy Fisher (61)
  • Missing Scene by Judy Decker (64)
  • To Call You Friend by Donna Rose Vanderlaan (66)
  • Winter's Retreat by Robin Hood (67)
  • My Father's House by Nancy Hardenberg (68)
  • Logically Impossible by Donna Rose Vanderlaan (80)
  • The Third Eye by Patricia Lee Johnson (82)
  • Evolution by Jane Yambe (89)
  • The Evil that Men Do by Lynn Syck (90)
  • Final Countdown by Chris Soto (108)
  • But at What Cost by P. Carlene Deaton (109)
  • Friendship by Donna Frost, epilogue and prologue by Jacqueline L. Wilson, main story reprinted from Mind Meld #2 (116)
  • Hybrid by C.A. Pierce (122)
  • The Far Travellers by Karen Rhodes (123)
  • Reflections by Ginna LaCroix (144)
  • Tears of the Mind/The Tomb by Robin Hood (145)
  • In His Own Land by Pamela Becker (148)
  • Sonnet on the Vulcanese by Liz Ellington (148)
  • Living Again by Carol Pierce (211)
  • Faults by Chris Soto (212)
  • The Correct Answer by Donna Frost (213)
  • Second Choice by Donna Rose Vanderlaan (218)
  • Intrinity, part 1, the introduction by Betsy Fisher (219)
  • Always in Harmony by Donna Rose Vanderlaan (228)
  • There are No Roses in Space by Carol Pierce (230)
  • Take My Hand by Laurel Ridner and Lynn Syck (231)
  • Had to Do It by Donna Rose Vanderlaan (261)
  • I May Not Say...? by Elaine Sheppard (262)
  • Desert Prose by C.A. Pierce (263)
  • Decision by Karen Rhodes (Jim and Tom Leighton survive the famine on Tarsus IV.) (264)
  • Too Late by Ginna LaCroix (285)
  • I Was Younger Then by Chris Soto (286)
  • Visionary by Betsy Fisher (288)
  • Love is a Four Letter Word by Ginna LaCroix (322)
  • Shadow Run by Robin HOod (332)
  • By His Side by Liz Ellington (333)
  • Editorial—fiction by Karen Rhodes and acknowledgements by the Editors (334)

Reactions and Reviews

It isn't really fair to mention how much I enjoyed this zine, because only enough copies were printed to cover pre-orders. But I'm hoping to coerce the editor/publisher into reprinting, because this is a zine that should stay in print for some time. In addition to some very promising newcomers, BHS includes fiction by more experienced writers such as Karen Rhodes, Lynn Syck & Laurel Ridener, and Ginna LaCroix. This would be an acceptable book from any editor, and knowing that this is a first zine makes the reading all the more enjoyable. There are rough edges, especially In the art and some production values, but there is so much heart and promise that I didn't mind the flaws. I returned to Florida just as Susan was struggling to the printer - only to have them close after printing a mere 60 pages. I made arrangements with my own printer, only to have them close up shop as well. The fact that BHS ever saw print is due to herculean effort on its editor's part. Send her a SASE and a nag to reprint: we need more editors like her.[1]


  1. ^ from TREKisM #49