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Title: Blurb Zine
Publisher: Carol Pape out of Clemson, SC, USA
Type: adzine
Date(s): 1981-1982
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS and other science fiction and media
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Blurb Zine is an ad-zine dedicated to putting fans in touch with current fandom. It had a Star Trek: TOS focus, but also other fandoms.

There were three issues, and the zine ceased when the editor joined the Navy. [1]

From an ad in the back of Tasmeen #3: "US zine, info. about zines and articles. No.3: 2.75 pounds overseas."

From an ad in Communicator #3: "Have you ever wondered where to write for a new zine? Or wanted to know more about the ones you order? Then the Blurb Zine is for you! The Blurb is an ad zine dedicated to putting you in touch with current fandom. We blurb all sorts of zines from ST to Dracula to Rocky Horror and anything else we find. We also have misc. Tid-n-Bits plus some comix. Advertising is free."

Blurb Blurbs: Fan Comments

Carol Pape is right about now putting out THE BLURB ZINE, which will exist for the purpose, basically, of plugging your stuff. It'll be around 15 pages at first, sure to expand. Says Carol, "The Blurb is an ad-zine dedicated to putting you in touch with current fandom. No more writing to addresses years old and getting no response. We Blurb all sorts of zines from Star Trek to Dracula to Rocky Horror and anything else we find. We also have misc. Tids-n-Bits plus some comix. Contributions welcome." Pre-order is a SASE plus $1.00 for this issue #2, and SASE plus $2.25 for #3, due out in late January. Postcards will do instead of SASE—that's just so Carol can get in touch with you in the case of a price hike or other disaster (no enclosures, says she, just a "HELP, I NEED MORE $" note like the ones I guess parents get from college kids). Carol's very dedicated and hardworking, and the Blurb is bound for success. Get in on it. Oh, right, ads are free, from what I understand. Ask Carol — University Apts., Clemson, SC. [2]

...Carol Pape's latest BLURB ZINE is out, and it appears a must for Star Trek fans. I'm not sure how non-Trekkies will like it, but in Caro's words, "we do carry other things as well and hope to branch out even more." Nice plugs for AFTA and IJ. November issue (#2) is $1.50 ($2.25 overseas) plus SASE, January (#3) will be out by the end of next month and is $1.75 ($2.75 overseas) plus SASE. Ads are free; send info and SASE — "send detailed info as I usually print all I get." Contribs also welcome. [3]

Issue 1

Blurb Zine 1 was published in 1981.

Issue 2

Blurb Zine 2 was published in November 1981.

Issue 3

Blurb Zine 3 was likely published in January 1982.