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Title: Fanfare
Publisher: Ganarf Press
Editor(s): Candace A. Wiggins (advisor: Rebecca Hoffman, proofreader: Pam Willhite)
Date(s): 1977-1982
Medium: print
Fandom: mostly Star Trek: TOS with some Star Wars and other fandoms
Language: English
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Fanfare is a gen mostly Star Wars, Star Trek: TOS anthology with three issues.

While it was not the FIRST zine to include Star Wars material, it was very, very close. See Some Star Wars Zine Firsts.

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1, Katy Wolfe
back cover of issue #1, Katy Wolfe

Fanfare 1 was published in December 1977 (second printing: May 1978) and contains 102 pages. The front and back covers are by Katy Wolfe. The other illos are by Leon Hayes. All but one story is by Candace A. Wiggins. The majority are Star Trek: TOS stories.

  • Editorial: Fanfare Follies (1)
  • Klingon to the Kor by Candace A. Wiggins (Star Trek: TOS) (1)
  • Deathwatch by Candace A. Wiggins (Star Trek: TOS) (6)
  • The Vulcanization of Beverly Grayson by Candace A. Wiggins (Star Trek: TOS) (14)
  • To the Victor by Candace A. Wiggins (Star Trek: TOS) (32)
  • The Injured Party by Candace A. Wiggins (Star Trek: TOS) (35)
  • The Good Lord Comix (Darth Vader cartoons) by Candace A. Wiggins (Star Wars) (39)
  • Typhoid Mary by Ann Bagley (Star Trek: TOS) (42)
  • The Lost Boy by Candace A. Wiggins (This was planned as a continuing universe with Star Trek: TOS characters and original characters.) (51)
  • The Masque by Candace A. Wiggins (This was planned as a continuing universe with Star Wars characters and original characters.) (79)
  • Songs for the Exiled, vignette by Candace A. Wiggins (reprinted in July 1978 in Against the Sith #2) (Star Wars) (91)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

See reactions and reviews for The Lost Boy.
[zine]: All but one of the stories in this zine are by the editor. These early efforts have some interesting premises but the execution is generally middling.
  • "Klingon to the Kor" / Kor gloats over killing off the Organians, Kirk and most of Rom'la by contaminating them with plague.
  • "Deathwatch" / Spock nurses his wife Christine through near-fatal illness.
  • "The Vulcanization of Beverly Grayson" / Amanda Grayson's adolescent sister visits her on Vulcan and must come to terms with Amanda's relationship to Sarek.
  • "To the Victor" / Explores T'Pring's early years, the development of her attachment to Stonn, and the aftermath of their choice to challenge. After all her machinations, T'Pring is eagerly awaiting release from her father's home to her future with Stonn when she is informed of Stonn's death.
  • "The Injured Party" / Vignette postulating that The Commander (from "Enterprise Incident") engineered her kidnapping as part of her own plan.
  • "The Good Lord Comix" / Darth Vader cartoons.
  • "Typhoid Mary" / The Enterprise finds the sole survivor of a planetary plague, who insists that she is already dead and commits suicide despite the successful development of a cure.
  • "The Lost Boy" / Events of "Yesteryear" (TAS) from the perspectives of the confused McCoy, adamant Kirk, and sorrowful Sarek as Kirk insists on pursuing his delusion of having had a first officer named Spock. In this version, Spock failed to save his childhood self and Kirk is forbidden to try to go back through the Guardian to retrieve him. Kirk persuades Sarek to do so; it is Sarek who drops the le-matya to save his son, and both Spock and Amanda are restored to him. Nice touch is that the bereavement is transferred to an Andorian couple who have lost their son.[1]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, R. Juge

Fanfare 2 was published in 1978 (likely Feb-April) and cotnains 93 pages. It has the subtitle, "A Star War is Born." The majority are Star Trek: TOS stories. The cover is by Ron Juge.

  • Beads and Rattles
  • Request for Transferral
  • The Fugitive by C.A. Wiggins & Pam Willhite - "Star Trek/Star Wars story
  • Richard by C.A. Wiggins
  • Tremor in the Force - Star Wars

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

  • Beads and Rattles / "A McCoy story in which the good doctor comes to the aid of a lovely Klingon noblewoman. The only problem is, who's going to come to his aid?"
  • Request for Transferral / "A Janice Rand short story concerning her last days aboard the Enterprise."
  • The Fugitive / "Star Trek / Star Wars story[...] involving most of the characters from both 'universes'."
  • Disastrous Results / "This is the story which will introduce Fanfare's regular 'crewmember,' Lieutenant Santha Halsey. She and Pavel Chekov are sole survivors of a shuttlecraft crash on a hostile planet, inhabited only by Klingons of more-than-usual dubious natures."
  • Richard / "A story along the lines of Carrie." [2]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Fanfare 3 was published in 1982. It contains 126 pages and fiction from Star Trek: TOS, Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

  • Editorials by Candace and Tia
  • Vulcan Syllogism: Premise, Thesis, Conclusion by Melanie Barnette (1)
  • Sonnet to the Vulcan
  • Battle Hymn of the Alliance by Becca Cobb (2)
  • Who's on the Enterprise? by Tia Nichols (3)
  • On Corelli by Rebecca Williams (10)
  • If You Only Have the Gold by Tia Nichols, art by Vikki Stroop (11)
  • Emuebsor by Patrick R. Wilson, art by J. Veers (12) (This story was originally published as a standalone zine, Emuebsor. It also appears in Enchantress of the Stars #5)
  • Spacers, One and All by Tia Nichols (51)
  • Lines Written in a Spaceport by Angela-Marie Varesano, art by Varesano (52)
  • Ashes of Alderaan by Becca Cobb (53)
  • Indiana Jones by Jeff Abney
  • Illusins by Melody Womack and Jan Slusher, art by Nichols, Leon Hayes, Irulan and Vikki Stroop (61)
  • art by Brenda Callahan and Jerry Collins


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