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You may be looking for the Star Trek: TOS novel, Gsazara.
Title: Gaesa
Publisher: SpartiWerks
Author(s): Zaquia Tarhuntassa
Cover Artist(s): Zaquia Tarhuntassa
Illustrator(s): Zaquia Tarhuntassa
Date(s): 1990
Series?: Yes, sequel to Scryer
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover by Zaquia Tarhuntassa

Gaesa is a gen 180-page novel written and illustrated by Zaquia Tarhuntassa. It is the sequel to Scryer.


Reactions and Reviews

A decade after Scryer, the planet Temennu has not received the promised protection from the Federation. Instead, evil Maeve has become Queen. She is negotiating with Romulans and hunting for Findtan Usheen, who turns out to be a supernode, able to attract ley lines and use them for transportation. Maeve plans to use Usheen to open Tir Na n’Og (heaven), thereby obtaining a ghostly army to do her will. She intends to capture Uhura and McCoy as bait for Usheen. Usheen kidnaps Uhura first, taking Rand along incidentally, and goes for McCoy, but misses. Lots of fun lovers’ quarrel stuff between Uhura and Usheen as he sulkily refuses to explain himself and she doesn’t know whether to trust him. Rand falls in love with the mute Samair, also a Daoine. Fleet Intelligence agent Pilar ibn Sina (female) sets up an undercover operation with Kirk to get Maeve - she turns into a dragon first, killing Scleth, who thereby gains them enough time to finish her off. Survivors are united in sickbay. Best bits are a rather consistently gruff McCoy and Zaquia’s marvelous portrait sketches sprinkled throughout. Otherwise, fun, but not as compelling as Scryer.[1]


  1. ^ from Karen Halliday's Zinedex