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Fan Club
Name: Nichelle Nichols Fan Club
Dates: January 1975-?
Leadership: Virginia Walker (First Officer), Harry Freidenberg (Second Officer), Sharon Ferraro (Third Officer)
Country based in: out of Massachusetts, USA
Focus: Nichelle Nichols and Star Trek: TOS
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Nichelle Nichols Fan Club was authorized by Nichelle Nichols.

In 1975, the club had 100 members. By the beginning of 1976, the club had 300 members. It appears to collapse and dissolve in 1977.

Some Club Finances

Some Zines

It, among other things, published a number of zines:

From a Flyer

club flyer with application, printed in Aisha Milele, Fanikiwa
Have you ever heard her talk about the future of mankind? Do you want to know what else she's been doing since STAR TREK? We plan to cover all this and more!
  • AMANI -- a monthly newsletter that will carry a few words from our Captain [Nichols], photos, drawings, news, and authorized, up-to-date info on the whole ST "family"... and a few others. Amani is the Swahili word for "Peace."
  • FURAHA -- a quarterly journal carrying more photos, more words from our Captain, stories, poetry... We welcome contributions! Furaha is the Swahili word for "Joy."
  • THE PRIME DIRECTIVE of the club will be at all times to keep all fans as up-to-date as possible on anything and everything of interest.
  • Annual membership, begins 7501.01: $3.00. The membership packet will contain a signed photo (8x10!) and an info booklet about NN, her career, her favorite charity KWANZA, and a welcome from her to all her fans.
  • More photos, record albums (on all ST artists) are available by mail from our Second Officer. Look for his notice in the newsletter.
  • A BONUS -- While they last! An introductory NN journal. $1 in person, or $1.25 by mail -- but only as long as they last.

Signs of Club Stress

From the club president in very late 1976:

No, your First Officer hasn't died and/or moved to Acapulco! There have been an unfortunate combination of problems which have kept me from keeping NNFC 1976 at the same level as NNFC 1975. However, Nichelle and I are working together and with her love and support, and the understanding of all of you, we'll pullout of our tailspin.... For 1977 we'll be changing the focus of the club and organizational setup just a little. First of all, we're separating FURAHA from the membership. I t will still be available to club members, and at half-price. In its place as a club membership publication will be a new one. Our new yearbook, devoted entirely to Nichelle, will be entitled UZURI, which is Swahili for "Beauty." We think it's fitting! We now have AMANI, "Peace"; FURAHA, "Joy"; and UZURI, "Beauty. And of course -- UHURA!!

In accordance with our continuing policy of special emphasis on the Women of Star Trek, FURAHA will take that role. FURAHA is the maxi-fantasia on the thirty of the ST guest stars. FURAHA #6 will be Uhura-oriented, FURAHA #7 will be a salute to Majel Barrett, and FURAHA #8 will be devoted to Grace Lee Whitney. We hope you like it.

Nichelle Nichols added a letter to the club's newsletter at the last issue of 1976:

Dear Friends, Two whole years have passed and our club has grown by leaps and bounds, mostly due to the hard work and dedication of First Officer Virginia Walker. Unfortunately part of this year, due to hospitalization, Virginia was not able to keep the mailings on schedule. And as fate would have it, she was forced to switch to a more expensive printer -- further complicating matters.

We hope you'll accept this special package we've put together for you.

Now that things are smoothing out, we're looking forward to an exciting new year -- I will be devoting a lot more personal time to the activities of the club with articles and poetry, and there will be some lovely new pictures unavailable anywhere else.

Our club has been chosen for a special feature in All About STAR TREK FAN CLUBS, and in 1977 we shall see the beginning of some NNFC chapters around the world.

If you would like to write me personally, write me at:

Nichelle Nichols

P.O. Box 1177

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Yours in Peace and Love, Nichelle Nichols

P.S. Please don't worry; you will receive all issues of FURAHA to which you are entitled just as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience while we get it all together again.