Society for Earthbound Vulcans

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Fan Club
Name: Society for Earthbound Vulcans
Dates: founded in June 1973
Founder(s): Geri Gralowski (or Graleaski) and Dianne Hudson (1973)
Leadership: William Lowe (beginning in 1980)
Country based in: New York, US
Focus: [Star Trek: TOS]], with a Kraith focus
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Society for Earthbound Vulcans was a Star Trek: TOS fan club with a Kraith focus.

In 1976, it had 26 members.

From a 1980 blurb: "The "Society for Earthbound Vulcans" (SEV) is under new management; the head elder is now William Lowe (Solei). Subscriptions to the newsletter, Mind-Meld, comes with membership of $5/year." [1]



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