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You may be looking for 2-5YM.

Title: Five Year Mission and Beyond
Publisher: Triad Publications
Woods*Works Press
Linda Knights
Agent With Style
Editor(s): Jaynee Emerson
Date(s): September 1982
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover of issue #1 by Gail Bennett

Five Year Mission and Beyond is a gen Chekov-centric anthology.

Issue 1

Five Year Mission and Beyond 1 was published in September 1982 and contains 130 pages. The art is by Gail Bennett.

Summary from the publisher (referencing a later reprint):
A Classic Star Trek zine from the early eighties. Reprinted & reformatted with today's technology. Two new stories added. Illustrated by Gail Bennett. Set on the original Enterprise and using all the characters even the ones usually ignored (esp. Chekov) lots of hurtcomfort. Some humor.
a flyer for issue #1, Gail Bennett is the artist
  • Editorial by Jane Woods (1)
  • The Legacy by Jane Woods ("Kirk, Spock and McCoy are called to an obscure planetoid by Kirk's old archaeology professor whore they meet two children who can change the life of one of then forever.") (5)
  • Portrait of Pavel by Jane Woods ("A story suggested, however loosely, by Jimmy Doohan at Space Trek I. Scotty and McCoy are not quite Holmes and Watson an their attempts to solve a mystery.") (18)
  • To Stalk a Vulcan by Jane Woods ("Kyle, Riley, Sulu and Chekov have a bet going. The first one to land a date with the next female to come aboard will be hailed by the others as the greatest lover. How were they to know the next female would be a Vulcan?") (26)
  • Custodian's Log by Ted Delorme (54)
  • Fate of the Anastasia by Jane Woods ("A transporter malfunction sends Chekov to a primitive world and robs him of his memory But he must take on an outpost of Romulans and fulfill an ancient prophecy.") (56)
  • The Most Unkindest Cut of All by Jane Woods ("Sulu and Chekov are at the mercy of wasp-like aliens who feed on blood.") (85)
  • Pluck of the Irish by Jane Woods (92)
  • Witch Hunter of the Seventh Moon by Jane Woods (Puts Kirk and the landing party in the middle of an ancient good vs. evil struggle which includes elements like demonic possession, torture, witchcraft, and psychic battles. "Kirk must locate his scattered landing party, battle a demon in possession of Spock's body, ally himself with witches, win back the loyalty of McCoy and Sulu, take part in a magical war, drag Spock and Chekov back from the jaws of death, maybe then can he worry about where the Enterprise is.") (94)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

You asked for comments on FIVE YEAR MISSION AND BEYOND so I thought I'd send some along. First, the printing is good, the binding is cheap but durable (heavy staples) and the illos are excellent. You were right about Gail Bennett. As to the stories: "The Legacy" was an old theme - the unknown illegitimate child that is found - this time with Spock and Zarabeth as parents. It was interesting but not compelling. "Portrait of Pavel" was very short and predictable. I thought the characters weren't quite true to themselves. "To Stalk a Vulcan" was my favorite piece - a humorous story that had believable portraits of Sulu, Chekov, and Kyle. Plus a lovely, logical solution. The other stories are all about on a par with the first. None were awful and none were truly enveloping. One nice thing about the zine is that it involves many of the lesser characters more fully. Course I'm a K-S-M fan and have never gotten involved in the other characters. I'm not planning on getting the next issue of this zine but people who want more of Sulu and Chekov should consider it. [1]

Issue 2

Five Year Mission and Beyond 2 At least one, if not all, stories are by Kelly J. Merrill.

  • Fate of Brother Wolf (Chekov's readjustment to shipboard life is anything but smooth.)
  • Bloodline (Spock oversteps his authority most illogically when Shen's life is in danger.)
  • Ravages of Time (The atmoshere of a strange new world 'youthens' the landing party. It's great for Bones and Scotty, but the junior officers are now young children, and Kirk is a highly emotional teenager.)
  • other unknown content


  1. from TREKisM #32