Terran Times

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Title: Terran Times
Publisher: published in Bass Hill, New South Wales, Australia by D.U.S.K.
Editor(s): Shayne McCormack
Date(s): December 1969-July 1972, 1980
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover of issue #3
back cover of issue #3

Terran Times is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology published in Australia. Contributors of art work included Evelyn Turner. Terran Times featured articles, reviews, art work, poetry, and fan fiction and, aside from Star Trek, also covered some mainstream science fiction.

It is one of the very earliest Star Trek fiction zines published, and the very first published in Australia. For others, see List of Star Trek TOS Zines Published While the Show Was Still On the Air.

"Star Trek was finally cancelled after its third season in 1969 and Fans in America and Australia combined together to protest the cancellation. July 28, 1969 was designated Deluge Monday when everyone worldwide would phone NBC or write letters timed to arrive on that day. One of the organisers was Susan Smith (later Clarke), then a schoolgirl in Sydney's Blacktown. Plans were made to combine local fans under Shayne McCormack, a stenographer from Auburn.

Shayne was interviewed about her activities in TV Times in March of that year. As a result she received over 75 letters from people wanting to help. This led to her forming D.U.S.K. (Down Under Space Kooks). The petition she helped organise measured 8 feet and contained over 2,200 signatures. D.U.S.K. published a fanzine, Terran Times, and organised irregular meetings and social outings before folding around 1970." [1] [2]

In 1973, some members of D.U.S.K., along with some other fans, went on to form the fan club, Astrex.

Date Confusion

There are a number of date and issue complexities. Some sources say five issues between 1969 and 1972. Another source says that the 1980 offset-printed issue was the seventh, no previous publication dates mentioned.

  • December 1969-July 1972 (these dates come from the Australian National Library)[1] and are confirmed by a 1973 issue of The STW Directory.
  • in Beyond Antares #15 (1980), the editor wrote: "Terran Times, Australia's very first Trekzine is making a come-back for the seventh [sic, actually sixth] issue to commemorate the tenth anniversary of its first issue. An offset, quality fanzine, it will be available from it's [sic] editor for $2. Contact Shayne McCormack: c/Galaxy Bookshop..."

Reactions and Reviews: Issue #1-#5

What can I say about ST Fan History? These five issues reflect the interests (especially Vulcan ones) of various fans in late 60's early 70's... they are a good mixture of fact, fiction and fannish chatter and the end of issue #3, the format has stabilized into its current form. The serial was effect for the first efforts of this author and Gullywhumper we need you again! There is a considerable lack of humour attached to fanzines these days. Please come back! Artists, please note the covers were very original and well done as stylus drawings can be difficult. [3]

Issue 1

Terran Times 1 was published in December 1969 and contains 16 pages (including covers). It contains Star Trek poetry, fan fiction and more. This first issue was published by Shayne McCormack and Sabina Heggie.

Issue 2

Terran Times 2 has no publication date, but some photos are dated 1970. The zine is 26 pages long (not including covers).

Issue 3

Terran Times 3 was published in March or April 1970 and contains 42 pages.

  • Mission Impossible (2 pages)
  • Where Nomad Has Gone Before (TBC) (6 pages)
  • UFO (Essay) (1 page)
  • Lothlorien (on Middle Earth) (2 pages)
  • A Typical Day (6 pages)
  • Beyond the Moon (Article) (2 pages)
  • Spock—The Man and The Character (2 pages)
  • The Sydney Science Fiction Convection Part 2 (2 pages)

Issue 4

Terran Times 4 was published in February or July 1971, It contains 40 pages (not including covers) and some original SF.

Issue 5

Terran Times 5 was published in July 1972 and contains 21 pages (not including covers).

Issue 6

Terran Times 6 was published in 1980, celebrating the arrival of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

Slim, offset. This issue is totally different from the others, reflecting the changes in fandom. Not necessarily for the better. The original enthusiasm has been replaced by a subtle cynicism. Susan Clarke's two features are always the best, especially the poem. I did not, however, enjoy reading this issue. Sorry, Shayne, as I am sure you put your best, as always, into it, but somehow, it fell flat. [4]


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