Live Long and Prosper (phrase)

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Live Long and Prosper is a phrase used by Star Trek fans.

It is sometimes abbreviated as "LL&P."

The phrase is a way for fans to wish each other well and to show fannish solidarity.

"Live Long and Prosper" has been a popular way for fans to end a letter or post.

See Specific Fandom Solidarity Phrases.

The Response

The lesser-known response is "Peace and long life."

Originally a Different Phrase?

A big question among STAR TREK fans, is, the proper wording for the famous Spook, Vulcan saying: "Live Long and Prosper." Lincoln Enterprises really started the big question. They say that the original phrase was: "Long Live and Prosper." So they say, it was Gene Roddenberry's original concept. But somewhere along the line, the phrase was turned around to the phrase we know now.

We use both phrases all the time, but, it is your final decision must be yours. [1]

Examples of Use

  • "You are why the club will continue its growth and fame in the coming years. You will help the club live up to the well known phrase: "LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!" -- 1977, a fan in the zine Dilithium Dope
  • "'LL&P' has had a long and serviceable life in the closing of letters to people who, though you may not love, respect, or address sincerely, you nevertheless hold in all good wishes. S&H need their own variation." -- from a fan in 1979, in a comment in S and H Letterzine #5


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