Live Long and Prosper (phrase)

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Live Long and Prosper is a phrase used by Star Trek fans.

It is sometimes abbreviated as "LL&P."

The phrase is a way for fans to wish each other well and to show fannish solidarity.

"Live Long and Prosper" has been a popular way for fans to end a letter or post.

See Specific Fandom Solidarity Phrases.

The Response

The lesser-known response is "Peace and long life."

Examples of Use

  • "You are why the club will continue its growth and fame in the coming years. You will help the club live up to the well known phrase: "LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!" -- 1977, a fan in the zine Dilithium Dope
  • "'LL&P' has had a long and serviceable life in the closing of letters to people who, though you may not love, respect, or address sincerely, you nevertheless hold in all good wishes. S&H need their own variation." -- from a fan in 1979, in a comment in S and H Letterzine #5