Star Trek Lives! (slogan)

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Star Trek Lives! is a Star Trek fan slogan.

It was included in much written communication, usually as a way of showing solidarity and optimism about the fandom and its influence and future popularity.

It likely took off from the slogan Frodo Lives!.

illo by Audrey Jakob, 1980, printed in the con program for Starbase Baltimore

"Star Trek Lives!" was also the name of early fan campaigns, as well as the immensely popular and formative book Star Trek Lives!. It is unknown if those two things took their name from an organic use of the phrase by fans, or if the book took its name from "Frodo Lives!" and fans adopted it as a catch phrase.

For other uses of the term, see Star Trek Lives!.

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Examples of Use

  • "Details are still being worked out, but the revival of Star Trek is definite. Looks like we were right all along... Star Trek lives!" [1]
  • "At midnight, when all the bells and whistles went off and Dick Clark viewed the ball dropping to the ground in New York City, we who were gathered at Bev's house went out, coatless, on her steps outside and shouted, at the top of our lungs, "STAR TREK LIVES!!" In Georgia now, I whisper it faithfully, stepping outside by myself and speaking to an alien landscape. But Tradition endures." [2]
  • "Another staple of the collating party was the music. In the beginning, we had a vinyl 45 record that I had bought by mail without hearing, and I regret I'm unable to say now who it was by. It was called "The Ballad of Star Trek" and it began, "The Great Bird of the Galaxy/Swooped down on prime TV. . ." and the resounding chorus went something like, "Star Trek Lives/The Trekkies grow stronger each day/Enterprise flies on/Meeting aliens and planets on its way". It was a delightful little ditty. We'd also play the albums recorded by Leonard Nimoy." [3]