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You may be looking for Portals, a Doctor Who and Blake's 7 zine.

Title: Portal
Publisher: Mathom House
Editor(s): Henry Roll
Type: fanfic
Date(s): April 1974-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS (mostly) & Science Fiction
Language: English
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Portal is a gen Star Trek: TOS (mostly) and Science Fiction anthology by Henry Roll.

covers of issue #1 and #2

Issue 1

Portal 1 was published in April 1974 and contains 24 pages.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

The first thing I noticed about this first issue is the potourri cover. It's jammed with everything from ST to monsters, from SF and comics to movies. PORTAL is filled with trivia, jokes, puzzles and parodies. Parodied in this issue are "STV Guide", a trekkie dream, all ST shows, 5 minutes of mundane news and 55 minutes of ST news; the editorial; a quiz and puzzle answers; and anything else the editor can get a well-timed laugh out of. The humor is light and readable, nothing to hide from the children. He could use help in the graphics of his zine though; crooked copy is "bad one the eyes. A table of contents, with page numbers and a credits page would be a great relief. What Rolls lacks in visual appearance, he make up for in content. [1]

Issue 2

Portal 2

Issue 3

Portal 3 is a 50-page flip-book called "Vulcan K'artune B'ook." Almost all the cartoons are by Henry Roll with a couple by K. O'Brien and J. Franz.

This zine is undated.

It includes an astrology chart, "Vulcan Mind and Exercise #3 by Surak," and a very long joke about sex.

cover of the Portal #3 part
cover of the Vulcan K'artune B'ook part


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