LRH Balzer

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Name: LRH Balzer
Type: fanwriter, fanzine publisher
Fandoms: Man From U.N.C.L.E., Professionals, Sentinel, Star Trek, Stargate SG-1, X-Files
URL: LRHB Fiction Site (WayBack Machine) Archive of Our Own
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Fan Comments: Sentinel Fiction

Another of my favorites is Lois Balzer. Wonderful stories full of friendship, some with heavy plots, some about choosing the right kind of shampoo, all of them depicting the touching brotherly love between Jim and Blair. Her stories are also meant to be read as a series, though each story is complete by itself. Stories of hers that cannot be missed are The Legacy (epilogue for Warriors), Promises in the Dark: Legacy Concluded (second epilogue for Warriors), Some are Silver, Others are Gold, (very long, very excellent story with Blair being kidnapped and forced to regress to a much younger self) and Double Room (a short follow-up to the previous story). [1]