Silver and Gold

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Title: Silver and Gold
Editor(s): Katherine Gillen
Date(s): 1983 (February), 1984
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Silver and Gold is a gen Star Trek: TOS 44-page 1983-1984 essay by Katherine Gillen, subtitled: "An Informal Overview of Kirk and Spock's Friendship." Front cover by Thomas Franklin, back cover by Carol Davis.

When the editor was first asking for submissions, this zine was called "Friendship."

This essay was reprinted a year later in Nome #7 with a note from Nome's editors: "[This is] a study in the progression of a relationship, as viewed in the three seasons of episodes and in both ST: TMP and ST: TWOK. As originally published by the author, this excellent analysis had a very limited print run. We feel that Silver and Gold deserves a broader audience..."

Reactions and Reviews

A non-fictional appraisal of the relationship between Kirk & Spock in the series & films. Most of the points made are well discussed already so it is not revolutionary, although one or two points did catch the imagination, but it is interesting to see them all drawn together in what really is quite an erudite essay. The problem, of course, is that we all see our Trek differently & while it's easy to accept someone else's interpretation in a'fictionalized* sense, to have it presented thus is a different matter: it seems a little too 'official'. [1]


  1. from Not Tonight, Spock! #7