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Fan Club
Name: Star Klique
Dates: April 1975-1982?
Leadership: Judith Aho
Country based in: Daly City, California, USA
Focus: Star Trek and Science Fiction
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flyer for the club found in the 1976 Imagi-Con program guide. Click to read.

Star Klique was a fan club based in Daly City, California .

Among other activities, it published the zine Bellerophon, provided escorts for Star Trek Convention (1976 San Jose), and helped organize Imagi-Con.

The club supported two charities: Children's Brain Disease Foundation and the The Motion Picture and Television Fund.

From a 1975 comment in the first issue of Bellerophon:
WHAT KIND OF A CLUB IS STAR KLIQUE? We are basically a social organization although we plan to begin some charitable work in August. What we do is attend lectures, movies, exhibits, and have rotating meetings and gatherings at each other's homes on a regular basis. If you are in the Bay Area and would like further information regarding STAR KLIQUE, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope.

In 1982 they helped sponsor a con:

"Major science fiction convention this weekend. Want a chance to see slides of the upcoming Star Wars film, "Revenge of the Jedi," narrated by its producer? Or meet some of the top authors of the science fiction field, such as Roger Zelazny, Larry Niven, or Poul Anderson? These are among the attractions offered by Octocon IV, a science fiction and fantasy convention for charity, to be held Oct. 9 and 10, at the El Rancho Tropicana Hotel, Santa Rosa. Sponsored by the Spellbinders, Inc. and Star Klique, two non-profit organizations, the program runs continuously from 9 a.m. Saturday through 6 p.m. Sunday, a marathon of panel discussions, art displays, dealer's tables, films, autographs."[1]


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